Who we are

Our team and story so far

    Emilie da Silva Stratford

    Life & Soul founder, NLP practitioner, Reiki therapist, medium and clairvoyant.
    Public speaker and Women Circles facilitator. Creator of the Emotional Support for Mums Program.

    Em’s background is in Marketing, completing her MBA in Business Administration in 2003. However after working almost 20 years in senior marketing positions, Em decided to leave the corporate landscape and created Life & Soul.

    While most would easily say she has found “her calling”, Em has actually been coaching, helping and healing friends and those in her circle for quite some time. This is before realising she had more than a talent, but rather a vocation she should transform into a new career, transforming the world around her by helping her clients on their own personal journeys.

    When she became a mum, Em realised the importance of supporting other women in their own journeys of self healing. Nowadays Emilie runs weekly women’s circles and she’s also created a unique Emotional Support for Mums Program dedicated to mums and mums to be.

    Em’s ultimate goal is to inspire and empower as many people as she can, by reminding them who they truly are.

    Rose Vianna Passarelli

    Women Circle Facilitator / Retreat facilitator

    Rose is a psychologist, graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Brazil and specialised in group dynamics from the Brazilian Society for Group Dynamics (SBDG).

    Rose believes that facilitating groups is about serving the group members by giving them opportunities to connect and learn through their stories and experiences.

    Fernando Amabile

    Men Circle Facilitator

    Fernando started his personal and spiritual development 15 years ago while facing his mother’s fighting cancer. He found strength and resilience as a volunteer healer, developing his skills to become a medium. Since migrating to Australia he has incorporated Vipassana meditation and Reiki into his life, as well as attending Men’s Circle meetings on a regular basis. Fernando is driven to share his experiences and provide a safe space to help other men find their own path.

    Marilia Sutilo

    Women Circle Facilitator / Retreat facilitator – Life & Soul Adelaide

    Marilia is passionate about arts in any shape or form. She was a gymnast for over 12 years, and lately, she has fallen in love with yoga. She’s currently focusing her studies in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Marilia believes that any expression of creativity can help people to become their best selves and this is what she intends to awake in each soul.

    Our Story so far

    In 2011 Emilie opened Reiki ‘n’ Soul. Operating her small practice from home twice a week, it was not long before she had a 6 months wait list – based solely on word of mouth through client recommendations.

    In 2016, after almost 20 years in senior marketing positions, Emilie left the corporate landscape to dedicate herself fully the new & rebranded Life & Soul. 

    Due to Emilie’s interest for neuroscience and the human brain, the introduction of the psychology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was a very natural next step for Life & Soul.

    Since 2016 Life & Soul has expanded beautifully, incorporating Women’s and Men’s Circles, Emotional Support Programs for Mums, Retreats and weekly activities from Life & Soul home, in Bondi Junction.

     All these programs and activities multiply positive change, enabling people to heal themselves and others at the same time.

    I can’t describe in words how I am grateful for meeting Emilie and Cris. I was feeling depressed, totally unmotivated and feeling a lot of guilt from my past mistakes. I went through some health and family issues…I was devastated. I have tried yoga, therapy, meditation…And then I met them.. and everything has changed. From feeling totally disconnected from the rest of the world I started feeling totally connected. All the theories that I have learnt from yoga, self-help books, meditation, psychologists, I finally was able to live it. All the shared experiences during the women’s circle made me realise that I AM NOT ALONE.

    And the feeling of being part of it, feeling connected and identified with other people’s feelings and experiences – it is just blissful. Thank you Emilie and Cris for helping me with my healing. I will always be greatful. You both ARE making this world a better place to live.

    Much Love”

    Dani Santos


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