Heal through the act of volunteering

    We believe in the power of volunteering. It provides an amazing opportunity to heal ourselves by simply helping others.

    One on one
    healing sessions

    As part of the healing process, our clients are assessed and matched with volunteer opportunities specially tailored to them. The assessment takes account a client’s passions, past experiences and also the best opportunity for learning and healing.

    The opportunities can be anything from volunteering trips or a one day immersion. Friends and family are also welcomed and encouraged to take part as well.

    “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”

    John Bunyan

    Corporate programs

    We truly believe volunteering experiences are life changing and the benefits in the workplace are countless!

    Our corporate programs aim to connect staff with volunteering opportunities. We’ll look to combine both business objectives and staff preferences to create a day that will be long remembered.

    Over time we’ve developed strong connections with charities big and small in Australia and overseas working in areas such as:

    • Art & Culture
    • Animals & Environment
    • Youth & Education
    • Health & Wellness
    • Social Services & Justice
    Whatever your objectives are we can incorporate them into your volunteering event. This includes:

    • Awareness of Leadership teams
    • Improve team engagement
    • Launching Social Responsibility programs
    • Internal Branding
    • Decrease Staff Turnover
    • Identify Corporate Identity

    Connect with us for a chat and we’ll help you with an exclusive program that will deliver results  that you’d not expect.


    Reconnect with your true self and start making a difference in the world today