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    Good Health Australia Magazine

    “For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from insomnia. Lack of sleep makes my job challenging, as I need to be energetic and present early in the morning. I’ve tried herbal sleep remedies and relaxation techniques over the years. Then a friend gave me a voucher to see Sydney Reiki therapist, Emilie da Silva.

    My first session lasted 90 minutes. There was soothing music and scented candles around the room, which really relaxed me. Emilie asked me a series of questions to dig deep into how I was feeling physically and mentally. She covered my eyes with lavender eye mask and asked me to focus on my breathing. I was aware of Emilie’s hands above my body. I sank into a deeply tranquil state. Her hands hovered around my stomach area as she focused on meridian points. Emilie told me what she could “read” from my energy and it was surprisingly spot-on.

    Initially, I was unsure. I hoped that Reiki might help with insomnia, but it’s also helped with emotional issues, which contribute to my poor sleep patterns. For example, she picked up that I don’t express my emotions or cry easily. Ruminating on long-held issues, such as my beloved dad passing away years ago, was keeping me awake.

    Reiki therapy has taught me to be kinder to myself – I sit and centre myself daily and my sleep is improving every day. Reiki has really propelled me on a journey of self-discovery. I have a session every fortnight and afterwards I feel incredibly centered. It is hard to explain in words – people have to try it for themselves”


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