We believe that the act of selfless giving is a cataliser of positive change

Did you get a Gratitude Card?

Use the unique number written on your Gratitude Card to find out all the experiences linked with your card – and share your experience too!

Gratitude Cards are exclusively available at Life & Soul

Gratitude is a very important emotion to connect with. Its real purpose is to help us open up and share how we’re feeling. Not only is it great for the people who receive gratitude as a compliment, but it can actually be more beneficial to the giver.

It’s through these positive interactions that we can get other people to do the same – to start something amazing.

Our idea for Gratitude Cards is quite simple.


1.  Every month, Life & Soul will help some people in need (e.g. a 30mins Reiki session – free of charge) or give a card to a client who wants to be part of the experience.

2. These clients will then write about their appreciation/experience via our website, or simply why they decided to start the process by using the unique number written on the card


3. Now the fun part: each Gratitude Card is given to a complete stranger through unique acts of kindness. Some examples below:

  • Buy someone their morning coffee
  • Compliment/praise someone
  • Send cards to kids in hospitals
  • Write positive notes to strangers at work
  • Buy a homeless person a meal
  • Make a donation to an institution you admire
  • Play an instrument on the streets
  • Give flowers!
  • Buy an umbrella on a rainy day and give it away
  • Help tourists to take photos
  • Leave a bigger tip at a restaurant

4. The card will need to be given to the person and it will have all the info to continue the process. There is no need to explain anything!

No matter if you are the 1st or the 20th to perform these acts – you’ll always be able to track your card and see the results of what you started!