About Life & Soul

What we do, why we do it & how we do it

    What we do

    Through activities such as one-on-one healing sessions, volunteering programs or unique acts of kindness to strangers, we help our clients to heal, grow and giving back by reminding them who they truly are.

    Why we do

    We believe that every person has a bespoke mission to make our world a better place and the power is in our hands.

    To us, it’s no coincidence that we were born with a very unique set of talents, but throughout life we start forgetting our true essence.

    By helping our clients to remember who they truly are, we’re supporting them to explore, heal and grow.

    We believe we can help to create a better world by supporting people in their individual journeys of claim who they truly are and becoming the best version of themselves.

    How we do it

    We demystify the healing process by putting the power back into our client’s hands.

    We don’t believe we’re saving anyone – we’re here to give clients clarity, all the necessary support and the right tools to allow clients to start their own healing process with love and confidence.

    We use a different set of strategies to help our clients to reconnect, heal and grow. Our techniques combine elements of clairvoyance and Mediumship, Neuro-Linguistic programing (NLP – including timeline therapy and hypnosis), life coaching, mentoring and Reiki providing our clients a very unique blend and a holistic solution to healing.

    Each client receives an absolutely tailored program, according to their own needs.

    One on one
    healing sessions

    In our one-on-one healing sessions we invite our clients to challenge their boundaries and to fully reconnect with their soul. The session runs for 90mins and our approach is holistic including mind, body and soul. Without commitment there is no process, so clients are required to take responsibility for their own process, by completing certain tasks (homework) for each encounter.

    As part of the healing process, we also encourage our clients to give back by participating in volunteer programs or simply by being kind to strangers. These experiences completely change their approach to healing, reminding their responsibility in keep healing themselves.

    Corporate programs

    Our corporate programs aim to connect staff with volunteering opportunities especially catered to business objectives at the same time as accommodating staff preferences. We truly believe volunteering experiences are life changing and the benefits in the workplace are countless!

    Our unique approach to healing ensures that our clients have all the tools to keep healing themselves for life.

    …and suddenly I look in the mirror and I found myself again. It all happened after one consultation. I was there all this time and all I need was someone to remind me who I Am

    Priscila Andrade Motta


    Reconnect with your true self and start making a difference in the world today