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    Combining a unique pool of talents with a strong process that blends holistic healing and coaching practices, Life & Soul acts as the bridge that reconnects its clients with their true selves.



    Our seasonal retreats will help you to reconnect with yourself, renew and recharge


    We have a range of programs especially designed to enhance and optimise the personal growth process, from Women’s and Men’s Circles to support programs for new mums.


    We help you to make yourself a priority. From Yoga, meditation to insight workshops, we have classes most days of the week.

    What our clients say

    • 5 star review  18,19 September 2017. We were felling the beat.�����

      Ngcobo Thula Nokthula Avatar Ngcobo Thula Nokthula

      5 star review  Emilie is a special person. Amazing professional and big heart! She has been guiding me in my self-knowledge/development process and helping me on my journey. No words to describe what I feel when I look back some months ago, comparing to what I am and feel now. Her support with appropriate techniques and love has been really important and you can feel the energy coming to your body and soul. Feeling my heart full of love and joy! <3 Thank you, Emilie!

      Marília Sutilo Avatar Marília Sutilo

      5 star review  Nossos encontros são maravilhosos, Emilie é um anjo com uma energia incrível, com muito amor nesse coraçãozinho consegue auxiliar e transmitir muita paz com todo carinho e atenção. ��

      Fernanda Damian Avatar Fernanda Damian
    • 5 star review  Good things are made to be shared, so here I'm to recommend Life & Soul and amazing Emilie to everybody who need a little and a big help to keep going in life. I already have a few sessions and is tangible how much I have improved myself and how I can see clearly everything I want to do now! Thank you so much Emilie for all the love you spread and congrats for the amazing job! �

      Gabriela Novais Avatar Gabriela Novais

      5 star review  I've just had my first session with Emilie and it's impossible to describe in words how amazing she is. Emilie is truly gifted and you feel so comfortable around her. She made me realize that everything that happens in life is for a reason and everyone is blessed in a different way and being patient is the key. I can't wait to have my second session with her and experience another marvellous and unique session.

      Bianca Dutra Gold Avatar Bianca Dutra Gold

      5 star review  Emilie has been an angel in my life since 2014. She isn't only a talented Reiki therapist but an illuminated person that I'm glad I met. Since my first session I have been a better person for sure. I'd recommend Emilie a million times because I can guarantee it worth it.

      Ke Bitten Avatar Ke Bitten
    • 5 star review  A Emilie é uma pessoa maravilhosa! Com uma energia e sabedoria enorme. Adoro nossos encontros mensais e fico ansiosa para o proximo. Saio de la nas nuvens. Recomendo de olhos fechados!!

      Camila Sales Avatar Camila Sales

      5 star review  So happy I have chosen someone so kind and bright to help me achieve my goals. Thank you Emilie!

      Barbara Cedro Avatar Barbara Cedro

      5 star review  A Emilie mudou a minha vida completamente. Nunca na minha vida conheci uma pessoa tão iluminada e conectada a boas energias. Ela tem uma dedicação impecável ao trabalho que desenvolve e isso fez toda a diferença no meu tratamento. Sou eternamente grata por ela ter atravessado o meu caminho! Muito obrigada minha querida!???

      Raquel Moreira Cesso Avatar Raquel Moreira Cesso
    • 5 star review  Desde o primeiro encontro com a Emilie percebi que, a partir daquele momento, íamos juntas conseguir fazer uma grande evolução naquilo que precisava ser mexido! Estou no meio do processo e vejo uma melhora significativa de tudo que antes me atrapalhava. Além da paciência e da sensibilidade, e de muito conhecimento e domínio do que ela faz, a Emilie é um amor. Estou muito mas muito satisfeita com nossas consultas e sempre conto os dias pra próxima consulta. Mais do que excelente! I love it.

      Claudia Pessetti Avatar Claudia Pessetti

      5 star review  Emilie is a beautiful and blessed person! I strongly recommend her work. I loved the experience!!!

      Andressa Danielle Beiger Avatar Andressa Danielle Beiger

      5 star review  Just had yesterday my first session with Emilie and i cannot describe the incredible energy on that room . She is fantastic and to be fair it felt like i knew her in ages . She is amazing and her work is very unique . Looking forward to many sessions with her

      Pris Prenholato Avatar Pris Prenholato

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